I began in 1996 as an apprentice in Nashville, Tennessee, learning the helium and balloon business as a salesman. For two years I dedicated my time to learning the business inside and out while building trust with my customers.


In 1998 I moved back home to the Mobile, Alabama/ Pensacola, Florida area and opened my own helium and balloon business. My first office was a large room and a garage with an ice chest for a chair and boards for a desk. Building one customer at a time, competing with other major helium suppliers, and confronting problems getting helium has enabled me to sustain and strengthen the stability of my business.


My wife joined me as a partner in 2004, and our other partner Jessica Johnson recently moved back from the Tampa Bay area after honing her marketing, advertising, and business skills there for ten years. They handle all office responsibilities which include an expanded custom design department for banners and flags. I handle new customer calls, outside sales and deliveries, and new product development.


2016 begins our 18th year in business. We have finally fulfilled our dream of building our own office building/warehouse/distribution center after operating out of a house all of these years.


We are still focusing day by day on the unique, personal, quality service that helped us the build the loyal clientele base we have today. Our years of experience offer expertise that leads to better performance and satisfaction, and we are constantly expanding our product line to meet our customers’ marketing needs.